Mission Alignment Coordinating Council

At its April 2008 meeting, the General Board called into being a Mission Alignment Coordinating Council (MACC) to lead us in imagining a church organized around our stated mission priorities.

Mission Alignment Coordinating Council’s Final Report to the 2010 General Board (PDF)

Review the report and nine recommendations that were approved by the General Board during its meeting in Indianapolis on April 18-21, 2009. 

The Mission Alignment Coordinating Council, authorized by the 2008 General Board, has continued its work in nine focused areas. One of the areas, Proposal 9, invites the church to participate in a webinar and offer feedback via an online survey while also offering an introduction to the work of the MACC and update on the progress of the eight other proposals.

While these webinars have already taken place, you can download and watch the session from December 11, 2009. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation used during the webinar.

Your comments, questions, suggestions, and ideas are requested. Please submit them to Newell Williams, Chair of the MACC and Moderator of the General Assembly at macc@ogmp.disciples.org.

For more information about the formation of the MACC and the work of the General Board, please read the Spring, 2008 edition of Communique. [PDF]