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Circle of Protection gets results

Last Updated 09/18/12

The Circle of Protection formed about a year ago to ensure the most vulnerable were protected from budget cuts. The Circle met with President Barak Obama and the top staff for Speaker John Boehner. When the Budget Control Act passed, key programs were indeed protected from cuts.

Presidential campaigns have been focusing on middle class Americans, but there has not been much discussion around protecting poor and vulnerable people. (The current poverty level is $22,800 for a family of four.) The Circle along with Sojourners, Bread for the World and others requested that the Obama and Romney campaigns submit video statements about how their administrations will reduce poverty. Both have responded positively and submitted video statements.

The Circle participants do not comment on the content of the videos to respect the ground rules and parameters that were agreed to between the Circle of Protection and the campaigns.

The videos are available at: www.circleofprotection.us