2015 General Assembly

GA2015-WebLogoDates: July 18-22, 2015
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Theme: “Soar!” based on Isaiah 40

Business Docket

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Order of Business and Resources

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Order of Business for Docket rev 07-22-2015 (PDF)

2015 Resolution Packet

The Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Special Rules of Procedure for General Assembly
General Assembly Resolution Processes


adopted Support for Agreement with Iran: If adopted, the General Assembly would express affirmation to President Obama by letter from the General Minister and President as well as encouraging members in the U.S. to communicate with their elected representatives.
adopted Election of Moderator for 2015-2017 Biennium: If adopted, Antonio “Tony” Rodriguez will be moderator of the General Assembly for the next biennium.
adopted as revised Charleston and Beyond: Terror, Intimidation and the Burning of Black Churches: If adopted, the General Assembly will support the General Minister and President’s continued condemnation of the massacre of the Charleston Nine; call on the regional ministers to commit to ongoing pastoral care needs of Disciples ethnic minority congregations; asks the General Minister and President to write a letter of partnership and solidarity to the African Methodist Episcopal Church as expressed in this resolution; and that the Office of General Minister and President report the actions taken in response to this resolution at the 2017 General Assembly.
GA-1518 adopted Black Lives Matter: A Movement for All: If adopted, this resolution would be a call from the General Assembly to all expressions of the Church to consider being a safe haven for conversations about race, a place of prayer and sanctuary for those working peacefully for reconciliation.
GA-1519 adopted Commemorating 100 Years since the Armenian Genocide: If adopted, this resolution would be a call from the General Assembly to all expressions of the Church to recognize the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and to call on the U.S. and other governments to acknowledge the events that still affect the descendants today.
GA-1520 adopted Concerning Environmental Racism: If adopted, the General Assembly would invite congregations and other Disciple entities to educate themselves about instances of further marginalization of communities of color through the degradation of their nearby environment and for Disciples to take prayerful action to care for the earth and work for justice for all God’s people.
GA-1521 adopted as revised Substitute Resolution from the General Board on Gun Violence: If adopted, this resolution would be a call to all expressions of the Church to promote dialogue, cooperation, advocacy and action that moves toward a reduction of gun violence through methods such as non-violent conflict resolution and reconciliation across cultural divides.
GA-1522 adopted A Call for Peace, Justice and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula: If adopted, the General Assembly would ask the General Minister and President and other leaders of the church to notify the U.S. and Canadian governments that Korean reunification is a priority and would also institute a Sunday of Prayer for reunification on or around Aug. 15.
GA-1523 adopted Becoming a People of Welcome and Support to People with Mental Illness and/or Mental Health Issues: If adopted, this resolution would call all expressions of the Church to be supportive of individuals who struggle with mental health challenges, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. It would also call on Disciples Home Missions to provide information to help regional and congregational leaders create a place of welcome.
GA-1524 adopted Call for a Church Wide Task Force on the Sense of the Assembly Resolution Process: If adopted, the Office of the General Minister and President, Disciples Home Missions, and the Division of Overseas Ministries would be jointly empowered to convene a broad-based task force composed of representatives from diverse ministries to bring to the 2017 General Assembly a jointly sponsored process for discussion of and education about important important religious, ethical and social issues.
GA-1525 accepted A Call to End Solitary Confinement: If adopted, Item for Reflection and Research calls on the Administrative Committee of the General Board to explore ways for all the expressions of the Church to study the effects of solitary confinement on incarcerated individuals and help find alternatives to the practice.
GA-1526 adopted Resolution to Celebrate and Reaffirm our Commitment towards the Vision of Planting 1,000 New Congregations by 2020: If adopted, the General Assembly would be asking all expressions of the Church to celebrate our new churches and recommit to support the efforts of church planting.
GA-1528 adopted Change in Regional Boundaries: Great River and Alabama/Northwest Florida: If adopted, these three resolutions would shift regional boundaries to better serve churches on the geographical edges of the Great River Region, Mid-America and Kansas by including the petitioning churches in Alabama/Northern Florida and Greater Kansas City (2) respectively.
GA-1529 adopted Change in Regional Boundaries: Mid-America and Greater Kansas City
GA-1530 adopted Change in Regional Boundaries: Kansas and Greater Kansas City
GA-1531 rec’d Report from the General Assembly Committee of the General Board: This document is a progress report on some of the items from the 2013 General Assembly, specifically GA-1322 Hearing Accessibility for Participants; GA-1323 Item for Reflection and Research: Incarceration Justice and Restoration in the United States; GA-1324 Reflection on Christian Theology, Polity, the Christian Doctrine of Discovery and the Indigenous Voice; GA-1328 Removal of Any Racist Language in Governing Documents; GA-1329 Supporting a Treaty for Prevention of Torture; and GA-1331 Resolution Condemning Drone Warfare.
GA-1532 committed to Administrative Committee for further investigation Report of the Time and Place Committee: If adopted, plans will proceed to hold the 2019 General Assembly in Des Moines, IA.
GA-1533 adopted Report of the General Nominating Committee: If adopted, the General Assembly will elect the First- and Second-Vice Moderators and Moderator-Elect for the 2015-17 biennium as well as confirm and elect members of several boards.
GA-1534 adopted Amendment to the Design for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): Paragraph 82: adds Moderator-Elect to the list of Moderator, First-Vice Moderator and Second Vice-Moderator correcting an oversight when the Moderator-Elect was added to other parts of the Design.
GA-1535 (withdrawn) Ratification of Administrative Committee Action: In response to the action of the 2013 General Assembly to name a Moderator-Elect, the Administrative Committee named Paul Tche. This business item confirms that decision.
GA-1536 adopted Resolution Calling for a Study Document on Understanding Stewardship as a Spiritual Discipline and its Practical Application in the Early 21st Century: If adopted, the General Assembly would ask the Center for Faith and Giving to produce a study document on stewardship that includes a holistic perspective on stewardship as well as a means of engaging Disciples in a discussion about stewardship. The study document would be presented at the 2017 General Assembly.
GA-1537 adopted Regarding the Future Location of General Assembly, General Board and Administrative Committee Meetings or Their Successors: If adopted, the General Assembly would instruct the Administrative Committee to initiate a task force to produce guidelines for the site selection process for meetings of 25 participants or more that would include matters of faith to which the Church has spoken or is currently speaking.

General Ministry Reports

GA-1501 rec’d General Assembly including the Office of the General Minister and President
GA-1502 rec’d Central Pastoral Office of Hispanic Ministries
GA-1503 rec’d Christian Board of Publication
GA-1504 rec’d Christian Church Foundation
GA-1505 rec’d Church Extension Financial & Missional Resources, Inc./HOPE Partnership
GA-1506 rec’d Council on Christian Unity
GA-1507 rec’d Disciples of Christ Historical Society
GA-1508 rec’d Disciples Home Missions
GA-1509 rec’d Disciples Women
GA-1510 rec’d Division of Overseas Ministries
GA-1511 rec’d Higher Education & Leadership Ministries
GA-1512 rec’d National Benevolent Association
GA-1513 rec’d National Convocation
GA-1514 rec’d North American Pacific/Asian Disciples
GA-1515 rec’d Pension Fund
GA-1516 rec’d Council of Colleges & Universities
GA-1517 rec’d Council on Theological Education