Disciples News Service

Administrative Committee meets in Indy

Oct. 28-29, 2016

Mission First!

The Mission First! pilot continues to move along according to plan. By Nov. 12, more than 80 face-to-face Mission Gatherings will have taken place. Data from more than 2,100 surveys is being prepared for the work of the Mission Council Dec. 2-4 in Dallas, TX.


Progress reports from task groups – many of which have been in response to actions by the 2015 General Assembly – included the Social Witness Task Force, Justice in the General Assembly Site Selection Task Force and the General Assembly Futuring Task Force. There was a report from the Racist Language Audit Task Force resulting in an action to approve an addendum to the Executive Search Process (which will be forwarded to the General Board for approval). Several other administrative actions as required by written policies of the church were taken.

General Minister and President Search

The search committee for the next General Minister and President has narrowed its search to three candidates that will be recommended to the Administrative Committee. Names are withheld until February when the committee (minus those who are ex officio) will interview these candidates and make the decision about a nominee to present for General Board approval.


Acting as the Board for the OGMP, the committee reviewed ministry and financial reports of various ministries that are held in the Office of General Minister and President – Week of Compassion, Reconciliation Ministry, the Center for Faith and Giving, Communication Ministries, Year Book and Directory office, Treasury Services, and the Office of the General Minister and President.

Concerned by an inadequate financial capacity for proper staffing in the OGMP as a new GMP is being called, the Administrative Committee began exploring other options for funding that may be presented to the General Board in February.

Members of the Administrative Committee present included: Antonio Rodriguez, moderator; Tom Perring, first vice moderator; Mary Lou Kegler, second vice moderator; voting members Jackie Bunch, Tim Butler, Nestor Gomez, Angela Kaufman, Young Lan Kim, Servando Perales and Bernice Rivera; regional ministers Ruth Fletcher and John Mobley; cabinet members Julia Brown Karimu and Ron Degges; and staff Sharon Watkins, Timothy James, Sharon Coleman, John Goebel, Beth Sullivan and Cherilyn Williams.