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Administrative Committee meets in Nashville

The Administrative Committee (AC) of the General Board met in Nashville, TN, October 24 and 25, under the leadership of Moderator Glen Miles. Highlights of the meeting included: the “Mission First” proposal designed to help Disciples develop a shared focus on mission; the Resolutions Task Force report on a recommendation for how Disciples reflect, discuss and act on important but controversial matters; review of the Office of General Minister and President financial report.

First Vice Moderator, Joan Bell Haynes, guided the Committee into the work before them through worship under the theme “giving ourselves the gift of attention.”

Associate General Minister and Vice President Todd Adams, led the group through a board orientation to help them more fully understand their dual roles as both the Administrative Committee of the General Board and as the board of the Office of General Minister and President. The orientation highlighted best practices of a nonprofit board.

Meeting as the board of the Office of General Minister and President, Moderator Miles led the Committee through discussion of the 2015 budgets, the report of the General Assembly including the Office of General Minister and President and through changes to the OGMP Employee handbook among other business items.

In their role as the Administrative Committee of the General Board, the Committee received reports from two task forces.  Mission Council Task Force chair, Second Vice Moderator Tony Rodriguez, and General Minister and President Sharon Watkins, presented the report from the Mission Council Task Force. The task force was convened as a result of the 2014 General Board discussion of how to help the church “put mission first.”

The report introduced a proposed process that will involve the congregational, regional and general expressions of the church and higher education to discern and develop a shared focus of mission for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Committee was given the opportunity for questions and discussion of the proposed process.

Former Administrative Committee member Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, chair of the Resolution Task Force, presented their report for questions and discussion via live video conference.  The task force, created by the 2013 Administrative Committee, is tasked with developing a process whereby ethical, moral and justice issues, currently brought to the General Assembly through Sense-of-the Assembly resolutions, would become opportunities for education and theological reflection without divisive yes/no votes.