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California church engages community with new podcast

People who haven’t found a physical church home can still connect to a faith community through online communications – such as the new podcast created by a California congregation.

Mission Hills Christian Church, in Los Angeles, decided to take their online connections one step further with this new project.

“Our community is quick to address tough issues in our Sunday morning services and we always include a time for open discussion about important events that happen in our world,” said Director of Community Ryan Brown. He wanted to find a way to take a unique part of their church community and share it with a wider audience.

So, he decided to start a podcast for conversations around social justice issues and theology.

This new project, called Conversations, “serves as an extension of our Sunday conversations,” Brown says. “The podcast allows us to bring in outside voices that complement the message we give on Sunday mornings.”

It also allows Mission Hills to expand their reach beyond their congregation. Their free podcast allows them to reach anyone with access to the Internet.

Conversations is a long-form interview-style podcast with a variety of guests, many of whom are social justice authors, which Brown has often found through the Chalice Press author directory.

As the podcast project expands, Brown hopes it will continue connecting curious listeners to Mission Hills. He’s already met new members who say they’ve found out about the church through listening to their podcast.

“We hope to provide an entry point for the online community to feel like they are a part of the bigger missional goal of Mission Hills Christian Church. We are a social justice-focused community and the podcast is a way for people outside of Mission Hills, or even the California area, to be a part of our movement for social equality.”

In the last episode of Conversations in 2017, Brown interviews Micky ScottBey Jones, the Director of Healing Initiatives for the Faith Matters Network. They discuss ways to identify and encourage leaders in communities and approaching interfaith dialogue.

All Conversations episodes are available on Mission Hills Christian Church’s website.