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Church raises awareness for minimum wage workers

On June 15, Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler  of The Park (Park Avenue Christian Church, NY) spoke out in support of an increase in  New York state’s minimum wage and emceed a press conference.

A group of clergy, elected officials, workers and representatives of the business community called on the governor and the state senate to pass an increase in the NY State minimum wage. The bill had been passed by the NY State Assembly in May.

Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the Assembly, along with Rev. James Forbes, pastor emeritus of the Riverside Church, called on the Governor and State Senate to pass an increase that would affect over 1 million residents of the state of New York. The press conference also included testimonies from worker Prince Jackson and a statement by Mark Jaffe, Executive Director of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. Peter Heltzel was also present to lend his support to this effort. 

More information about Raise NY can be found here:


Rev. Jennifer Kottler most recently served as the Director of Policy and Advocacy at Sojourners. A long-time advocate for justice, Jennifer has served in advocacy ministry for more than 9 years through her work at Protestants for the Common Good (Chicago IL), the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, and the Chicago Jobs Council, prior to joining Sojourners. She has a long track record of successful advocacy and policy change at the city, state and federal level fighting for civil rights, increasing the minimum wage, increasing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), expanding eligibility for state child health insurance, regulating the pay day loan industry, increasing the availability of job training and support services for low income adults and access to affordable housing.