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Church teams with local veteran group to assist homeless families


By Rev. Paul Seal, Norvil Lantz and Don Kerr

When members of the men’s fellowship of Highland Christian Church, Bella Vista, AR, heard American Legion Post Commander Barbara Aguirre speak about the post’s Operation Reboot program, they looked into the project. They were impressed enough to ask the congregation to join in a cooperative effort to provide financial support, housing, and household supplies for approximately 100 families. Plans are underway that will assist the Reboot program by providing transportation and manpower to keep this program moving forward.

The Rogers American Legion Post 100 determined there was a need to assist returning homeless veterans in Northwest Arkansas. Many were families and established programs would break up the family. They were able to procure donated warehouse space and then put out a call for any kind of household supplies that individuals could donate. The post task force went to churches and other organizations with their plan to take all steps possible to procure housing assistance, clothes, and other necessities to assist these vets to leave the street and keep the family together. To date they have housed and procured jobs for around 200 families.

Highland Christian Church promotes Operation Reboot by their presence at American Legion meetings, transporting household furniture and other needed supplies and has established an ongoing fund to help assist the financial needs of veterans. The church considers its contributions to be an expression of compassion to families who have served our nation, and who now find themselves in great need.