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Committee requests church participation in General Minister and President questionnaire

Disciples are invited to participate in an online questionnaire that evaluates the ministry of General Minister and President Sharon Watkins, as well as seeks information about the Church’s hopes and goals for the next six years.

Please visit www.disciples.org and click on Review/Search and Call Committee to take the questionnaire. During the 2010 General Board meeting in April, GMP Watkins outlined her desire to serve another six-year term, which would run from July 2011 to July 2017. The committee is looking for candid responses to assist in its recommendation to the Administrative Committee which will meet in October. Your response will remain confidential, limited to only a few members of the Review/Search and Call Committee. No personal data will be shared with GMP Watkins or the Administrative Committee; it will only be used for statistical and follow-up purposes.

You are encouraged to complete the online questionnaire, however, you may also print the questionnaire and mail it to: Review/Search and Call Committee; PO Box 162327; Memphis, TN 38186-2327.

August 2 is the last date to submit your input. Please share this information with your regional, congregational, Facebook, Twitter and other contacts to ensure a large response.