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Course offered for congregational historians

Peter M. Morgan and John Scott Williams will be leading a seminar on creating local church history videos at Buffalo Seminary of Bethany College in Bethany, W. Va., Sept. 12-13. Their work will be based on National City Christian Church…A Dream Come True, a video they created in celebration of their congregation’s 170th anniversary. A sample of the video 

Morgan, president emeritus of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society and local church historian of National City Christian Church in Washington, D.C., will lead participants in exploring options for script preparation. Williams, electrical engineer and videographer, will share techniques for filming and editing. He will also identify software for enhancing video history sharing.

The seminar, held at the college created by Disciples founder Alexander Campbell, will also include visits to Disciples historical sites in Bethany and a celebration of Campbell’s 226th birthday.

Congregations should send teams of two with one member having computer competency. Single applicants with computer competency will be accepted.

Registration is $35 which includes continental breakfast, break and lunch each day. Housing is available at Gresham Inn, located adjacent to the Mountainside Conference Center where the seminar is held. Housing is $70 per night if you indicate you are attending the Buffalo Seminary. Gresham Inn: 304.829.7622 or 304.829.4343.