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DisciplesNet Church launches as online alternative for people who can

DisciplesNetThe past two weeks have been eventful for one of our newest Disciples of Christ congregations, DisciplesNet Church, a church “along the internet highway for people who can’t get to church in traditional ways.” The church also works in partnership with brick-and-mortar churches to supplement faith experiences, offer free resources, and direct people who can connect with brick-and-mortar communities to opportunities there for face-to-face connection and service.

DisciplesNet has been in development for about a year, building its leadership team, online following, and brick-and-mortar supporters. This summer they began building a growing fan and membership base on Facebook, then in late summer began meeting for face-to-face and Skyped worship. More milestones came quickly the past two weeks.  On November 8, 2010, DisciplesNet launched their beginning web platform, which they are quick to point out, “is still under construction.” On Sunday November 14, DisciplesNet offered their first weekly videotaped worship, which for the time being will be in a taped video format, but will grow to include live worship.  Then on November 15, the church was recognized as ‘church in formation’ by the Indiana region.  DisciplesNet’s membership base only begins in its Indiana hub. Already DisciplesNet’s growing membership and support network extends across the United States and Canada into India, Pakistan, China, Congo, Kenya, Burundi, Malawi, Italy, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Read more about DisciplesNet in the article: http://ccindiananews.wordpress.com/2010/11/19/disciplesnet-emerging-as-a-church-without-walls/

Visit DisicplesNet website at www.disciplesnet.org, and their Facebook page at DisciplesNet Church, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Indianapolis-IN/DisciplesNet-Church/106813132693252