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Florida church participates in trade, family projects

Brandon Christian Church  (Brandon, Fla.) uses and sells Equal Exchange products – fair trade coffee, chocolate, and olive oil.The coffee is the only one used for church events and after church each Sunday we sell fair trade products. The Equal Exchange program builds stronger farming communities, creates a more equitable trade model, and preserves our planet through sustainable farming methods.  

But Brandon doesn’t stop there. The church is working with the Tampa Bay Coalition against human trafficking to form a Brandon Area Sub-Group to actively campaign against human trafficking – spreading the word about the crime and who to contact to help stop this crime. 

And one more ministry of the church is Family Promise of the Brandon Area  to help homeless children and their families within our community achieve lasting independence and escape the cycle of poverty.  Families are temporarily housed in community churches, including Brandon Christian Church, with meals provided.  With the help of a professional social worker and others, these homeless families will find jobs and housing.