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General Assembly Program and Business Docket available in digital format

The General Assembly Program and Business Docket, the must-have accessory for anybody attending the 2013 General Assembly in Orlando, just got lighter and greener.

Chalice Press, the denominational publishing house and Disciples general ministry, has converted the docket book into a variety of eBook formats. These eBooks are available for a variety of tablets and readers and are available for free.

This eversion of the official docket includes information about general sessions, business sessions, workshops, convention facilities, vendors, and more.

Three file types are available. What type of reader you use will determine which file format you will need. Links to all file types can be found on Chalicepress.com.

In an EPUB, text flows from page to page and reflows based on the font size selected. Note that the Docket has some entire pages that are graphics and will not resize and reflow like the text-only pages. EPUB files can be used on

Please note that you may need to download additional software.

An EPDF remains as a static page. Text does not reflow, and the page is a replica of a printed book. EPDF files can be used on:

Please note that you may need to download additional software.

A MOBI file is for Kindle users, who can download the file directly from Amazon.com or from ChalicePress.com

“For a variety of reasons, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has been moving away from printing thousands of paper books to less expensive – and more environmentally conscious – formats like a DVD-ROM. This continues that trend,” said Chalice Press’ Brad Lyons. “We think Disciples heading to Orlando will like having a searchable docket that’s light enough and small enough to carry in a purse, backpack, or pocket.

“It’s also an opportunity for Disciples who aren’t familiar with eBooks, or those who may have read books on a Kindle but not a phone or different kind of tablet, to have a free document to help them learn how eBooks work on different devices.”

The General Assembly Program and Business Docket is just one of the many eBooks available from Chalice Press. For a complete listing, please visit ChalicePress.com.

Chalicepress.com user’s guide on using eBooks