Disciples News Service

Getting down and dirty brings neighbors together

By Rev. Dr. Charisa Hunter- Crump 

Cairn Christian Church learned firsthand this summer being a new neighbor brings new opportunity for growth, change and engagement. Cairn, formerly First Christian Church in Boulder, has been enjoying its new location in Lafayette, Colo., situated between a veterinarian’s commercial property and a quiet established residential area for three years.  The opportunity to serve our new neighborhood came in the form of sweat, blisters, not a few backaches, laughter and fellowship.

In early spring, some neighborhood residents brought to the church’s attention the condition of the commercial plot, which had become burdened by fallen trees and brush overgrowth. The neighbors expressed concern about a possible fire hazard.  Discussions between the neighbors and the tenants at the vet clinic had not been fruitful.  A small group of Cairn members worked quietly to explore solutions, and met with each of the parties several times to explore a mutually beneficial solution.

Cairn set up a Neighborhood Clean-Up Day for June 1, when about 30 church members, friends and Stonehenge neighborhood residents turned out with energy and enthusiasm.  Two dump truck loads of trash debris, two more loads of organic yard waste and a load of scrap steel were hauled away from the commercial lot.  Trees were trimmed and a ditch gate cleaned up.  A new tree was planted on Cairn’s grounds, and bushes trimmed and flowers planted.  The church’s food committee, with the help of donations from the local Safeway and King Soopers, provided coffee, breakfast treats, cold drinks throughout the day and a welcome lunch for all the workers.

Trustee Steve Crowder summed up the event this way: “Many thanks to the workers, and to the other folks who contributed quietly behind the scenes in various humble ways.  A heartfelt gratitude to those who could not be present, yet were with us in Spirit. It makes me feel so good to be a part of this community of faith at Cairn. You always rally to the call when needed. Your participation and sacrifice have sewn many seeds of goodness in our neighborhood and within our own community.”