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Hispanic, regional organizations enter dialogue

Over the years various organizations across the Church have sprung up to serve particular needs of congregations. One of these is the Southeast Convencion of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a primarily Hispanic group of Disciples. In March, leaders of the convencion met with three regional ministers from the eight southeastern regions to learn about each other and move toward a closer relationship. 

As a result of the meeting, those meeting issued the following statement: “We, La Convencion Del Sudeste, and the Southeast Regional Fellowship understand ourselves to be partners in shared ministry, committed to collaboration and mutual support, AND we commit ourselves to keep before God in prayer the respective ministries of La Convencion del Sudeste and the Southeast Regional Fellowship.”

This statement will be given life through a continuing CONSERF Partners Dialogue which is not a new structure or organization, but a continuing covenant conversation to seek understanding and respect needed to act together in mission. For instance, both groups have committed to share calendars and other resources, to be present with each other at meetings and assemblies and to meet again in March 2015.

The meeting at Fort Walton Beach, Fla., included for La Convencion Alicia Rodriguez, Vilson Hurtado, Wanda Morales, David Cortes, Efrain Rivera and Lydia Jimenez along with guests Jose and Ana Diaz and Israel Martinez. Regional ministers present were John Mobley, Glen Stewart and Juan Rodriguez. Also attending was Central Office for Hispanic Ministries National Pastor Huberto Pimentel. The gathering was supported in part by Reconciliation Ministries.