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Honoring the Divine and each other

2016DNS-Interfaith1by Whitney Waller-Cole

Creekwood Christian Church in Flower Mound, TX, is a congregation that seeks to live boldly as Christ calls us to love God and love neighbor. Interfaith partnership and friendship has been a huge part of our work and witness to love our neighbors and God well. We have held prayer services with different congregations and faith traditions. We built a Habitat for Humanity House with our Muslim and Jewish friends. We have been strengthened and blessed as a faith community each and every time we have participated in interfaith worship service or initiative.

2016DNS-Interfaith4In 2015, we decided to partner with faith communities in our town to create an Interfaith Summer Camp for our elementary-aged children. Together with three other congregations: The Islamic Association of Lewisville and Flower Mound, The Baha’i of Lewisville, and Congregation Kol Ami, we invited over 150 kids and volunteers within our faith communities and town to spend the week forming friendships and learning about each other’s beliefs and values, focusing on the theme, “Honoring Diversity. Celebrating Unity.”

2016DNS-Interfaith2Each day, we visited a different house of worship, where we would teach our children about our four faith traditions. By sharing our faith traditions, breaking bread, praying, and laughing together, we built friendships.  We celebrated common values we all share like love, kindness, and charity.  It was an incredible opportunity for children and adults alike to share, learn, befriend, and build a greater understanding of our common humanity and how precious we all are- to God and one another.

2016DNS-Interfaith3We live in a world where understanding, respecting, and loving one another becomes more important every single day.  As a Christian church, we spend so much of our time teaching our children about Christianity, hoping that they will feel empowered and encouraged to live out their faith in authentic and loving ways. Teaching our children about who Jesus is such a humbling and holy part of what it means to be a Christian. As we teach our children about how we want them to live out their faith we, as a congregation, have realized it is also essential for our children to learn about the beliefs and values others hold dear. By teaching our children about what others believe, we strengthen their understanding of their own faith and the call God has put on our lives to love all our neighbors. Loving our neighbors means understanding and respecting them. Loving our neighbors means honoring diversity and celebrating unity.

Creekwood will be hosting Interfaith Summer Camp again this year Aug. 7-11. This year we will be meeting in the evening and have additional learning components for youth and adults. Our theme this year is, “Honoring the Divine; Honoring Each Other.”