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Houston reverend part of viral pastoral discussion

#realclergybiosIt may have happened by accident, coincidence, serendipity or Spirit, but whatever the case may be, when Rev. Elizabeth Grasham and her colleague  Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort, introduced the #realclergybios tag it resonated with a LOT of people. And they opened up to each other about how challenging and rewarding the life of ministry can be.

“Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort (PCUSA) and I were reading #realacademicbios on twitter around the same time,” Grasham said. “Mihee and I know each other through The Young Clergy Women Project, an ecumenical group with about 1400 members and an 800+ strong Facebook group. I posted in our TYCWP Facebook page about the hashtag and asked women to share their #realpreacherbios.”

Kim-Kort transfered the hashtag over to Twitter and edited it to #realclergybios. She tweeted and Grasham followed. It took on a life of its own.

“By the first evening, Sarah Bessey, Rachel Held Evans, Nadia Bolz-Weber and Bruce Reyes-Chow were all sharing #realclergybios with their followers. I didn’t know about The Salt Collective until Mihee was approached by them to write a retrospective on the social media phenomenon,” said Grasham.

“The most poignant thing I’ve learned in the unexpected spread of #realclergybios is that clergy of all denominational stripes feel the weight of expectation as deeply as they feel the joy of God’s love. We also don’t often get a chance to be so honest about how difficult it is to balance the two. It just reiterated to me the incredible need we have, especially in light of the changing scope of the church, to make sure clergy are offered ways to care for themselves spiritually and congregations are educated in their responsibilities to their pastors,” she said.

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