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Illinois church partners to upgrade service to community

By Frank Hungerford, fhungerford1@gmail.com

Lynnville, IL – Resurrection is taking on a whole new meaning for the members of Lynnville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). After accepting that making the many needed repairs and upgrades of its current building, erected in 1919, were not a wise investment of the financial resources of this small, but committed group of Christians, the challenge became figuring out “Plan B.”

That is when they reached out to two denominational entities within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Disciples Church Extension Fund and Disciples Volunteering, a division of Disciples Home Missions. A path forward emerged from these consultations: it was time to build something new that would add life to the congregation and the Lynnville community.

“We try to bring a balance of faith, action and fellowship to all that we do,” said Rev. Frank Hungerford, who serves as pastor of the church. “Thankfully leaders from across the broader church took an interest in this project and has helped us magnify the efforts.”

After inviting input from members of the congregation and the Village of Lynnville, building plans were prepared. Home Depot was the successful bidder for building materials and beginning in early October, the construction site becomes a mission site for Christians to put their faith into action.

“This feels like the hand of God at work; great leadership from the building committee, a clear need for accessible, affordable, efficient facility for the church and community; partnership across the life of the denomination.” Hungerford added.

Their new church home will be 40 x 80 ft. One half the area will be for worship and one half will serve as a fellowship hall and be available for use by the larger community for local events.

“We realized that this building could be a blessing not only to our church but to the entire area,” said Hungerford. “This is about an ending turning into a beginning. The more you think about it, this project is a symbol of what our faith is all about.”