Disciples News Service

Improv Christmas pageant livens up season

by Rev. Ashley Sherard

What happens when you gather some spare art supplies, borrowed Nativity costumes, Christmas carols, the scriptures and a group of really flexible church members?  An improve Christmas Pageant, that’s what!  On Saturday, December 20 Jerusalem Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) gathered for its regular worship time to share a meal and participate in the First Annual Improv Pageant.

Members of the congregation were asked to wear bathrobes and come prepared to have an amazing time.  After dinner we handed out costumes (including beards!) and asked everyone to gather for worship.  During the service we gave instructions for the pageant, we had parts for the star, the Holy Family, the shepherds, the animals, and the Wise Men.  Each group had a song and reading associated with their characters and as we sang they came forward, took their place in our manger and posed for a photo op.  The audience was so tickled by the costumes and actors it was difficult to get through the songs!

As a new church plant, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to allow people to experience God’s Word and this was a great way!  The actors came away having heard and participated in the Christmas Story, we shared Communion and experienced the love, hope, joy and peace of this Advent season.  To top it all off, we welcomed our 9th new member in the last 6 months.  Praise God for the wonderful things He is doing in Lafayette, LA!