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Kagiwada Sunday Sept. 8

2013 David Kagiwada Memorial Sunday is September 8 and NAPAD Ministry Week is September 9-14. This year’s celebration will follow the General Assembly theme of “Lord, teach us to pray.” Rev. Younglan Kim and Mrs. JoAnne Kagiwada gave inspiring messages for the Wednesday gathering at the General Assembly. They explored the internment of Japanese Americans in the U.S.and issued the call to Disciples that such injustice must never happen again. In addition, Rev. Jinsuk Chun spoke for the Tuesday Reconciliation Breakfast on a similar subject. Transcripts of the two different presentations into this year’s resources for David Kagiwada Sunday and NAPAD Ministry Week. 2013 resources | Kagiwada biography

These resources are prepared for individual and group use, as well as for congregational worship and other activities. You are invited to participate in the celebration so that all of us can help promote the life and ministry of NAPAD together.