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Keeping the vision in mind

The Disney Institute brought their premier brand to the assembly learning opportunities. Students in the learning community were shown a little of the thought process that goes into the constant innovation that drives the Walt Disney Company theme parks.

Key to the innovation is a planning environment where the participants hold lightly to their ideas and are willing to collaborate across departments and functions to make the most of the resources the organization already has.

“Satisfaction is dangerous,” Cast Member Jeff Noel said. “People don’t go out and talk about a satisfactory experience. They talk about the one that is above expectations.”

For example: A Disney ride was aging and losing appeal (Undersea Voyage) but gained new life by combining it with another resource, the Finding Nemo movie.

Sometimes the organization – in our case, church – needs to look within at the vision, mission, essence/feeling, and for whom we exist and try to keep our actions focused. These components can provide guidance and help us avoid wasting resources. That doesn’t preclude adding other programs or efforts, but there may be ways to combine within, similar to the Disney idea of giving the existing ride new life by using the movie assets.

But don’t stay stagnant. Implement an continuous improvement process that leads from listening to measuring, then acting and re-measuring, then recognize and celebrate the result, share it and start the process over again.