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Michigan church sows Seeds of Faith

First Christian Church of Lansing Michigan has started preparing its community garden for its third season growing vegetables and flowers.  Some fresh compost was delivered and volunteers young and old (and in between) will begin putting in some of the early cool-weather plants such as peas, onions and broccoli.

In 2010 this project started with a grant from the Garden Project, (a program of the Greater Lansing Food Bank), with five raised beds in the back yard of the church and with lots of help from church and community volunteers. 

Although the volunteers fixed up a couple of special dishes such as fresh pesto for themselves that summer, almost all of the produce was donated to the food bank for distribution through local hunger programs.  That summer over 650 pounds of vegetables were harvested and donated, and a like amount in 2011.  The project was also a learning adventure for the children and college students of the church who have enthusiastically helped plant, weed and harvest. Many of the children and students have never had a chance to help or even see food grow. The project turned into an opportunity for spiritual growth as well as vegetable growth.