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Midway Christian Church ‘Cool Congregation’ runner up

Rain Garden 2

by Rev. Heather McColl

Midway Christian Church (DOC) is located in the small historic community of Midway, Kentucky in the beautiful Bluegrass area of Central Kentucky.  The town is home to Midway University, a Disciples of Christ affiliated school.  The congregation was pleased to learn of being selected as a Cool Challenge Congregation Runner Up in the category of “Sacred Grounds Steward”.

The MCC congregation is committed to being a Certified Green Chalice Congregation by incorporating the principles of Green Chalice in decisions which come before the church. During the Earth Day Sunday worship service each year, the congregation reaffirms its commitment by reading the Alverna Covenant.  Rev. Heather McColl, Minister of MCC, regularly includes Creation in worship through scripture, prayers, liturgy, sermons and hymns and in special services.

In the category of “Sacred Grounds Steward”, MCC has made improvements in the areas of water conservation, native landscaping, use of bike racks, and recycling and composting.  In 2010, MCC built the first rain garden to control erosion.  This rain garden was built in cooperation with Midway Renaissance GreenSpace, Bluegrass Green Source and Third Rock Consulting.   The second rain garden was built in 2012 in cooperation with members of the Advanced Biology Class of Woodford County High School.  Both gardens incorporate a variety of native plants.  A rain barrel was installed using a 275 gallon container from Equus Run Vineyard in Midway.

In cooperation with the Bluegrass Cycling Club, Midway GreenSpace and MCC, a bike rack made from recycled bike parts was installed on the church property to support a bike friendly community.  The church is the weekly starting place for several local rides with approximately fifty to seventy-five bicyclists.

The church supports recycling by having containers located throughout the buildings including the office, Fellowship Hall and Narthex of the sanctuary.  Compost is taken to the bin at MCC or to a local restaurant which also composts.

MCC is committed to continue building on the principles of The Alverna Covenant in making decisions which come before the church.