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Missouri church steps up to support local nonprofit

When a local organization couldn’t afford to upgrade their computers and copier equipment, Fairview Christian Church in Gladstone, Missouri agreed to help them raise the needed funds by holding a “yard” sale in their building.

A staff member at Love In the Name of Christ, (Love INC) contacted the church with this project idea. The organization didn’t want to divert donated funds designated to support poverty alleviation programs towards additional administrative costs so they contacted Fairview Christian Church and asked them to share their space for a yard sale fundraiser.

Love INC assembled a group of volunteers, but soon, members of the Fairview congregation joined the project, too. Originally planned for the fellowship hall, the sale grew to take up most of the church’s building.

“Church members started showing up to help sort clothes, arrange the donations, and even make cookies and brownies for the workers,” said Rev. Travis Smith McKee, co-pastor at Fairview. Love INC of Clay County was “extremely grateful for the hospitality.”

The sale raised $5,300, which was enough to cover the organization’s technology needs, with leftover funds to client services.

“We don’t usually donate that much financially each year,” Rev. McKee said, “but by offering our space (an asset we have) we were able to help that much money get raised. It also fit our missional focus of providing a space for connection, welcoming in the community and helping with needs. Everyone who came saw the connection with Love INC and got to participate in the larger mission of the church.”

Fairview Christian Church has a ministry partner of the local chapter of Love INC for over 15 years, helping them with rental assistance, basic needs, and even providing diapers for those in need. Rev. McKee also serves on the organization’s board.

The church supports a variety of community organizations, but they strategically look to work with groups like Love INC to expand their reach.

“Partnering with these organizations is a great way to be involved and do something bigger than just what we can do – it shows the body of Christ is bigger than just one congregation.”