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Nebraska pastor experiments with social media

First Christian Church (Minden, Ne.) gave technology a try as a means for doing ministry. On August 18, Pastor Michael Schmidt invited the congregation to text, email, write or call their friends and acquaintances or people they thought needed a helping hand. Their goal was to see how many persons they could reach with the love of Jesus through technology. They invited people to ask questions and/or offer comments about God, Jesus, Church and the Bible.  Schmidt reported, “We could not get people to text us with their questions during worship. We did receive several questions before worship though. The questions revolved around faith. What does it look like? How do I live it? We reached 147 persons with this effort. For a congregation of 70 regular attendees, that is pretty good. Also our last newsletter had a page devoted to sites that could help in devotion, prayer, Bible Study, and our daily faith walk.” – from the Nebraska regional newsletter