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Oregon church hits the trail

On August 25, more than 50 members of Lynchwood Christian Church in Portland, Ore. took off down the street to the grade school a block away and spent their usual worship time helping out the community instead. According to Rev. Cathy Myers Wirt, one of the regional ministers for Oregon, this exodus from the sanctuary and into the street came from the congregation’s Faithful Planning process.

And the members didn’t just do one task. One group worked on the grounds; one group packed up supplies for teachers; another made appreciation cards for teachers; and another group made lunch for the workers which included the school principal and some school families. A communion table was set in the sanctuary for people to come to partake sometime during the morning on their own with a guided worship.

This came after the congregation had collected over 200 new books to give children with the goal of every child at the school receiving a new book to take home to encourage reading. They met the number needed for the lower grades and will continue collecting upper grade level books to complete the goal. The school serves more than 400 students, 70 percent of whom are on free or reduced lunches. The partnership with the congregation is planned to continue through the school year.