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Partnerships for peace

A small congregation with a large building cared a lot about peace in a California city better known for violence. Then they realized they could turn their building into a peace hub. Now 12 peace groups have office space there, and 40 organizations partner with them in addressing violence, economic injustice and more! Last week, over 400 people came to their post-election resource fair to get connected to organizations working to make the community, the country and the world more peace-filled and just.

When First Christian Church in Oakland went through the New Beginnings program through Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation they weren’t quite sure where they would come out. Their resulting decision to gift their building to the Oakland Peace Center (OPC) was the beginning of a series of partnerships that has touched the California city in many ways.

The National Benevolent Association’s Incubate program came alongside the OPC as an affiliate ministry to help them get organized for service. And now this year, OPC is an NBA XPLOR community engagement site which has resulted in expanding ministry in the area and this video made by an XPLOR resident explaining their work.