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Seattle church initiates affordable housing effort

 by Maggie Hubbard

On Dec. 9, University Christian Church (DOC) of Seattle witnessed a significant turning point in the dream to provide affordable housing in their community; a dream that has been part of this congregation for over 20 years.

Below is the announcement that was sent out by the UCC Housing Development Committee:

“Today, the UCC affordable housing project for low wage individuals and families, and homeless families, reached a long awaited milestone. This morning Mayor Ed Murray announced the Seattle Office of Housing list of funded projects for 2015 from the main lounge of the church building.”

Fall 2015 held three important milestones for the project. In October, the Master Use Permit comment period ended without challenge, and the decision was published. In November, the King County Office of Housing awarded the project a $400,000 grant. In December, the Seattle Office of Housing funded the UCC project at the requested amount of nearly $6,610,000.

In the fall, University Christian Church will prepare for the building of a 133 unit housing project that will serve as affordable housing for singles and families as well as 40 units that will be reserved for people who are transitioning away from homelessness.

“This housing project not only reflects the congregation’s passion for justice but also their continued care for serving their neighbors with love. As their current pastor, I am excited to be part of this faith community as they continue on this important journey,” said Rev. Adam Harmon.