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This ministry gets a little sticky

In June 2010, the youth class at First Christian in Sacramento, Calif. Was studying the Feeding of the Five Thousand, according to Matthew 14:13-21. Rev. Vickie Firch happened to have a jar of peanut in her bag that was destined for the food closet. The youth said, “This kind of miracle could never happen today. No one would ever share enough food to make it possible.” So, Firch said, “I still believe miracles can happen. We could feed 50 people with this jar of peanut butter.”

They, of course, took the challenge. The next week she stood up in worship and said, “I have told the youth that we can feed 50 people with this jar of peanut butter. I just need a little help to make the miracle happen. I need some bread on which to spread the peanut butter, some water and some oranges to complete the lunch.”

By the end of worship they had enough pledges to feed 150 people. Pastor Firch says, “Each time we share our faith, our compassion and our love for the community through the outreach of the peanut butter ministry, we share the love of Christ.” According to Feeding America’s 2011 Meal Gap study, 17.2 percent of Sacramento County, or 236,950 individuals do not have food security.

On July 15, 2012, the church is planning to FEED FIVE HUNDRED. The entire congregation is on board. It will be the eighth Peanut Butter Ministry Outreach since that beginning two years ago. The lunches will be distributed in two locations; Ceasar Chavez Park and at the door of Loaves and Fishes.

Contact Rev Vickie Firch  at firchrev@yahoo.com for further details.