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Young man finds way to serve Georgia community

Shaw Wilkerson is paying it forward.  In 2008, he was planning his high school graduation ceremony, and simultaneously coming to realize the limitations his disability could place on his adult life. He has a diagnosis of autism. He began to have serious doubts about his purpose in life. At the graduation ceremony, held at Guyton Christian Church, Wilkerson received a trophy from the men of GAP Ministries (a local ministry which builds wheel chair ramps and performs other chores and repairs for those in need in our community). He had always wanted one, yet never had an opportunity to earn a trophy. GAP also established an annual award in Wilkerson’s name for special needs students in Effingham County and surrounding counties in Georgia.

Wilkerson’s life was transformed by the love and support. He accepted a calling to share the love and acceptance he received on that night. Wilkerson established a ministry called My Father’s House at the Guyton church. This is a social ministry where people of all ages and abilities come together to share food, fun and fellowship. Activities include movie and game nights, karaoke and dances. On Aug.  18 in celebration of its five-year anniversary, “My Father’s House has Talent” will be held in the Guyton Christian Church Christian Center.