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Disciples Women present drama at World Council of Churches Assembly

From left: Young Lan Kim, Louis Sloan Gobin, Sheila Spencer, Minhyang Seo, Joohyun Park

By Rev. Sheila Spencer, director for Christian Education/Faith Formation and assistant to the president, Disciples Home Missions

Rev. Young Lan Kim has always believed that her plays were created not only for entertainment, but as opportunities for education and enlightenment.  One of her productions, “Can You Hear Me Now?” premiered at the 2010 Quadrennial Assembly in Greensboro, N.C. The play addressed the issue of human trafficking through the transparent stories of several women who have been victimized.  The raw, powerful performance and audience reaction played a part in International Disciples Women’s Ministries’ leadership’s decision to continue to keep human trafficking as their social action focus through 2014.  Many shared that the play opened up their eyes to human trafficking. 

Years later, the play continues to open up the eyes of audiences from all over the world to this injustice.  The World Council of Churches invited Young and her cast to present the play at their 10th General Assembly in Busan, South Korea. The playwright assembled a cast from both the United States and South Korea.  The cast consisted of Young Lan Kim, Louise Sloan Goben, Sheila Spencer, singer Minhyang  Seo and dancer Joohyun Park.  In addition to performing twice at the assembly, there were four more performances in churches in the cities of Busan, Seoul and Incheon.  

Being a part of this cast was an amazing experience.  Each of us completely immersed ourselves into the lives of our characters.  We realized that we representing the voices that are often not heard and ignored.  One audience member shared with us, “This performance was painful yet powerful, and a story that the world needs to hear.  My heart is forever changed.”         

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