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Insurance Board seeking president/CEO

The Insurance Board is a non-profit organization that administers a property and liability insurance program for churches and related ministries within three denominations – Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Presbyterian Church (USA), and United Church of Christ.  The Insurance Board program is offered in all 50 states utilizing an Independent Property and Casualty Distribution System that is unique and in tune with its mission:  to support and protect churches and church ministries by offering superior property and casualty risk and insurance management services.  The program leverages the collective buying power of participating churches to provide the following:  cost effective insurance coverage with custom features and coverage limits generally unavailable to individual churches; church-tailored policy language; reliable professional assistance in times of need; risk management resources and counseling to reduce churches’ risks; flexible underwriting to maintain access to insurance protection.

More than 3,600 churches participate in the Insurance Board’s program, which represents more than $10 billion in property value.  In the last fiscal year, total program revenues were $55 million and operating expenses were $5.6 million.  A Board of 20 Directors governs the Insurance Board.  The Board is comprised of United Church of Christ Conference Ministers, Disciples of Christ Regional Ministers, and Presbyterian Church Executives, as well as lay leaders with experience relevant to their mission.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Insurance Board has a staff of 20 at its headquarters and is represented across the country by approximately 50 independent agents.


The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Insurance Board has the  primary responsibility for providing the vision and strategic direction necessary to implement the mission and goals of the organization as established by the Directors, and for managing and directing the organization’s day-to-day operations.

Working closely with and reporting to the Board of Directors, the President and CEO is responsible for assuring that the corporation is fiscally sound and that it develops, coordinates,
delivers and maintains cost effective risk management and insurance programs for the benefit of its members.

The President and CEO will provide the impetus for growth, developing new products and identifying business opportunities and reengaging former clients where possible.  The individual must create additional visibility and goodwill for the Insurance Board by acting as an advocate, spokesperson and collaborator with members of the congregations and related organizations, the Conferences and insurance brokers, carriers and agents.

It is critically important that the President and CEO be sensitive to the needs of the Insurance Board’s various constituencies.  Above all, the President and CEO will build confidence and impart integrity across the denominations and be a catalyst for reinforcing the Insurance Board’s commitment to excellence, quality and service.

The President and CEO will provide the vision, leadership, management and conviction necessary to successfully coordinate the efforts of a highly committed staff.  Direct reports to the President and CEO include:  Vice President/CFO, Vice President/Insurance Operations and Director/Business Development.

The President and CEO will be expected to:

·         Gain the trust and confidence of the Directors; develop a strong working relationship and partnership with the Board;  in consultation with the Board, other insurance professionals and appropriate staff, develop and implement a cohesive vision and strategic plan for the continued growth and stability of the Insurance Board;

·         Expand and enhance the Insurance Board’s product offerings; develop a strategic marketing plan to grow and service new customers; identify new target markets for growth that will increase member participation; 

·         Establish and maintain productive relationships with all members, agents and brokers; become a visible spokesperson and advocate for the interests/needs of the program participants and the Insurance Board; develop clear lines of communication and accountability;

·         Manage the Insurance Board’s day-to-day operations and activities; oversee the insurance program, administration, finance, investments and systems; develop business plans and ensure they are executed on time;

·         Ensure effective partnerships and participate in selection and annual negotiations of risk management and insurance services for program participants;

·         Develop, coordinate and maintain access to insurance programs for the benefit of the members by developing the most efficient program design;

·         Manage and protect cash surplus; analyze operating results relative to established objectives and take corrective actions when necessary; ensure the strength of the organization’s financial structure;

·         Hire, supervise, motivate and evaluate staff to assure that they are well-suited to address the challenges facing the Insurance Board in the coming years; evaluate and oversee the administration of all personnel policies;

·         Regularly engage the Board;  utilize the Directors’ expertise to help the organization achieve its goals; organize and participate in Board meetings; represent the IB at church functions for all the denominations they serve; act as an effective communicator and “face” of the organization to all external constituencies.


The President and CEO should have the following experience and qualifications:

·         Knowledge of, or ability and willingness to learn the structure of the Insurance Board and the polity of the United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ and the Presbyterian Church;

·         Broad-based leadership and management experience as a professional in insurance or a related field, with knowledge of property, casualty, liability and reinsurance products.  If not already a broker, s/he understands and is knowledgeable about the responsibilities of a broker.

·         Entrepreneurial, with a successful track record building a business; preferably with a strong sales and marketing orientation;


The President and CEO will exhibit ideally the following key personal characteristics:

·         A person of faith with a desire to make a difference in concert with the ministry and mission of the Insurance Board, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ and the Presbyterian Church;

·         Responsiveness to the needs of the member churches and other constituencies of the Insurance Board;

·         Outstanding leadership ability and interpersonal skills; ability to impart credibility, good judgment, trust, integrity, and to motivate others in a similar vein;

·         A high level of energy with a talent for grasping complex concepts quickly; one who is highly organized, yet can delegate well and remain flexible as the situation demands;

·         An effective communicator who can serve as the face of the organization to all external constituencies;

·         A sense of humor in order to maintain perspective and a sense of balance.

The United Church Insurance Board values and is committed to diversity on its staff.  It therefore invites nominations and applications without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, physical disability or sexual orientation. 

Please send nominations and applications to Susan Meade and Mark Tarnacki to: InsuranceBoard@PhillipsOppenheim.com