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Watkins included in TIME book

book coverTIME Books includes an essay by Sharon Watkins in What Did Jesus Ask? – Christian Leaders Reflect on His Questions of Faith. As a teacher, Jesus Christ put many of his lessons in the form of questions. The gospels recorded some 100 others. Some are rhetorical, needing no answer, but most were real questions posed to real people.

Watkins wrote on Luke 22:27 – “For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves?”

More than 70 prominent spiritual writers, religious leaders and artists offer meditations on the questions Jesus asks in the Bible. Their contemplations provide both contemporary and traditional interpretations to lead readers on an exploration of their own faith and to shape their own meaningful answers.

Excerpts are available on the TIME.com website. Copies may be purchased through amazon.com

Rev. Watkins did not receive personal compensation for this essay.