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Administrative Committee meets in Indianapolis

The Administrative Committee of the General Board met in Indianapolis Oct. 25 and 26 with the new class of moderators and members. Included in the work of the group was approving the General Nominating Committee’s selection of Rev. Seung Un (Paul) Tche, pastor of White Oak Pond Church in Richmond, Ky., as moderator-elect. The new position was included as part of the changes to The Design, approved at the Orlando Assembly. Tche will continue to serve as Moderator of the General Assembly from 2015-2017.


The Governance Committee of the General Board recommended the change based on feed back from several recent moderators. The change allows for more continuity and familiarity with issues on the part of the incoming moderator.

Meeting as the board of the Office of General Minister and President, the Administrative Committee, led by Moderator Glen Miles met to discuss action items from the General Assembly, review  financial information and budgets, engage the auditors for the 2013 Audit, and other business.

Rev. Dr. Robert Welsh, president of the Council on Christian Unity, met with the Administrative Committee to discuss a proposal regarding the Council on Christian Unity, the General Board and the Office of  General Minister and President. The proposal is a cooperative effort seeking to further define the purpose of the General Board in overseeing the mission of the church. The proposal is being sent to the Governance Committee of the General Board to prepare the required standing rule modifications and related business items for the February 2014 meeting.

In addition the committee met on behalf of the General Board to accept the nomination of Tche, discuss General Board recommendations about resourcing the executive search process on issues of diversity, and review the process by which organizations become recognized ministry partners.  Work was done in preparation for the 2014 General Board meeting coming in February, and next steps were identified for the items for research and reflection from the Orlando assembly. The group also reflected on resolution and nominating processes.