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From counting change to being changed, youth embraces opportunities

“Before this Assembly one of our youth approached me as she wanted to learn more about the denomination,” said Manuel Collazo, minister of stewardship education and development in Florida. “I was General Assembly treasurer so I asked my young disciple to save some money and register for the assembly and serve as my assistant.”

 Kesimy Medina did just that.  She saved her money, and invested in learning more about the Church, which she found was much bigger than the four walls of her local congregation’s sanctuary. She worked registration, participated in the choir and worship, counted offering, and was ready to go every morning.  She talked to Disciples colleges about the opportunity for her to study. And she became a missionary.

I knew I would be speaking to new people, receiving information over where I wanted to study and doing a ton of volunteer work at the General Assembly. I did just that,” Medina said. “I spoke to someone whose wife works for Global Ministries, who felt inspired by where our conversation had led  and introduced me to his wife. From there on, God continued to move his hand through the situations and conversations until the day I was on my way to Fort Lauderdale airport and later to the Dominican Republic on my very first mission trip.”

The Global Ministries staff offered her a spot on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic soon after the assembly. She got her parents’ permission and with the help of Global Ministries, she went.

Medina says now,It’s actually very interesting that I mention this because yesterday in bible school the teacher spoke about how we had to live life according to God’s will rather than according to what we thought was the best. The teacher also mentioned how we should have plans and goals, but that we should also be ready and willing to change those plans if the Lord has another purpose with our lives and talents. It’s simply amazing to know that the Lord does His will and only His will around us at every moment of our lives. More specifically, He speaks to us in many different ways: through Sunday school teachings, children laughing and playing in the sand, people dedicating their lives and time to better causes than themselves, being a witness, and so much more. The best part is that sometimes all we have to do is take a step back, make ourselves vulnerable, dedicate our talents and absolute best to the Lord, and let Him do the rest.

For more about the trip, check the participants’ blog: http://gmpeopletopeople.wordpress.com/