Disciples News Service

Meditation and prayer July 14

Something happened in the Zimmerman verdict that affects us all. In this gathering tonight we may not have the same opinions on what probably happened that night, but we are a pro-reconciling/anti-racist church. Anti-racism says we have to suspect that racism and profiling was involved and is involved.

There’s something about guns here, too; something about a culture of violence and death that believes what’s mine is worth more than your life. That culture of violence affects us all.

Pro-reconciliation says we have to reach for a better place. Our preacher last night told us not to act out of fear. Our preacher this morning told us that we, like the original disciples, can come across demons that can only come out through prayer. Not easy prayer-like words, but deep communion with God to where God breathes through us and acts through us.

An 8-year-old boy in the midst of all of this, the son of a Disciples pastor, an African American child, asked his mother, will this happen to me? That child is our child –This affects us all.

Will you pray with me? 

Reconciling God, reconcile us that we may be ministers of reconciliation for this broken, hurting world. Work your miracle in us that our words, our hands, our actions may bear your healing power. Work your miracle through us that the world will know your justice and peace. Teach us to pray the kind of prayer that casts out the stubborn demons, the ones that dwell deep within and refuse to set us free. Teach us to pray the kind of prayer that defeats hatred by the power of love, that overwhelms suspicion with compassion and confidence in your loving care, the kind of prayer that brings life from death and hope from despair. Teach us to pray the kind of prayer that brings us into your heart of justice and the joy of your abundance and love. Make us ministers of your reconciliation, bearers of justice and love.

In the name of Jesus, who reconciles the world to you. Amen.