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Social Witness Task Force needs feedback


The Task Force on Social Witness was called into being at the 2015 General Assembly in response to resolution GA 1524 “Call for a Church-Wide Task Force on the Sense of the Assembly Resolution Process.” This resolution defines the task force’s purpose: “to bring to the 2017 General Assembly a jointly sponsored process for discussion of and education about important religious, ethical and social issues.” The task force has pulled together a lot of information so far, and we need your help to gather more perspectives.

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July 8, 2016.

6 Responses to “Social Witness Task Force needs feedback”

  1. Linda Carol Vance:

    I don’t know the answer but when you start trying to change the older peoples minds in the church(of which I calcify ) you can confuse the ones older than me really easily. Our church about had a split over the last thing about who could be members of our church. I personally thought we were already an “open” church so none of it bothered me. So be careful of the wording. Some are afraid of ALL change.

  2. Chris Higgins:

    Click the links above for your preferred language to access the survey. (English, Spanish and Korean)

  3. Dr. Jim Mattson:

    No problem with sense of assembly as is.

  4. David Cobb:

    If we really do honor the idea of “in non essentials diversity, then I trust we can continue to share differences respectfully and without division. The exception will be those who choose to leave rather than live together with those who differ. Jesus welcomed everyone. He was critical of some, even harshly at times. But he didn’t break fellowship. He remained Jewish, Nazarean, male, and kind of rural. Difference and particularity are what give incarnation/embodiment its power. I hope this will be the assembly where we can affirm that our particular differences don’t divide us, and that we can learn to “guard each ones dignity and save each one’s pride.” And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”

  5. Helen D. Simpson:

    If we will truly obey what Jesus taught and what He showed us in His life here, we could be brothers and sisters in diversity who love as we are loved; however, that doesn’t appear to be what we do. There are no conditions for, nor exceptions to, LOVE. We make it so very difficult by trying to do just that. It is not our right to decide who we will love or not. The discussion must continue. I would welcome the opportunity to be involved.

  6. Jim Wass:

    I and many have been troubled by many sense of the assembly resolutions. A favorite former pastor of mine who is more likely to favor some resolutions that I would oppose attempted to comfort me by saying that the statement is from the assembly and does not speak for the denomination as a whole. Then I had to ask myself “who is the GA the speaking to?” The instant resolution speaks of confusion in the current process. Good. Then come the two action paragraphs. First, the resolution endorses pastoral judgment among various ministries and leaders in addressing justice and witness. Okay. They seem to me to be doing that already, and not always in a way that gauges the sense of the flock. The second payoff paragraph is to bring to the 2017 GA a new process for discussion and education on issues. Is this an admission that we have not been doing that very well in recent years? If so, thank you. Is it too late to stop the hemorrhaging? Those of us with concerns are now seeing the launching of a process about a process with a time late of a year. God speed!