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Disciples of Christ Historical Society to call new President

The called leader will head this important and fiscally secure General Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) into a bright future of serving the Stone-Campbell Movement and the ecumenical church.

The Disciples of Christ Historical Society, located in Bethany, West Virginia, seeks to call a steward to be our next President. The called person will be given a unique opportunity to serve in continuity within the tradition of extending the ministry of Christ. The successful candidate will be afforded the opportunity to work in an historic, academic and bucolic setting. The position will be located in a newly refurbished reception area and a newly constructed state-of-the-art archival facility that is contiguous to the Alexander Campbell historic sites and within walking distance of sites honored with the national landmark status.

The ministry

The ministry, affectionately known as DCHS, embodies the witness of history. We are a society that gathers people into community. The Society is also the trustee of an extensive archival collection and library. The President serves as a sign of the important gift of history by actively practicing the craft of being an historian while ultimately facilitating and supporting the work of colleagues who are historians of the church, particularly those within the Stone-Campbell family.

The ethos

Each day our President will lead staff, students and volunteers in keeping before the world the importance of our story. Our story is a story of God at work in the world and thus is profoundly theological, prophetic and pastoral. The effective leader will enhance life for the faithful by reminding us of who we are, and will inspire us to mindfulness of God’s presence in our lives across history. The leader will draw energy and inspiration by being located in the very midst of where much of the Movement’s generative thinking was revealed and made known.

Our ideal leader will be a servant who engages our audiences and supporters in envisioning a purposeful, mission oriented future. The President will be an artist in drawing together the Society for common vision, work and life. Our ideal candidate will embody the best of the ministry by demonstrating and valuing hope, vision, clarity in communication, teaching, reconciliation, unity and diversity of thought, and church practice, culture and personality. The President’s leadership will display a life marked by pastoral sensibility and joy. The President is the chief ambassador of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society. The President is the chief steward of its calling of mission and ministry. The President will be responsible for caring for this gift.


Reporting to and working with the Board of Trustees, the leader will positively influence the Society by, but not limited to, the following:

  • tending to the Society and the needs of the church
  • representing the Historical Society to the Disciples General, Regional and Local Church as well as the ecumenical church
  • staff oversight and support
  • board planning and administration
  • financial oversight of income and approval of expenses
  • fulfilling annual fund and membership renewal responsibilities and serving as our chief fundraiser
  • publication and distribution of scholarly articles in support of historical research and education
  • coordination of capital campaigns as needed
  • coordination of Treasury Services’ relationship with the Society
  • serving as liaison with Bethany College, including negotiating and coordinating related property support personnel and mutually shared educational programs.


The board seeks a candidate with a minimum of the following:

  • senior-level executive administrative experience
  • demonstrated skills and temperament for philanthropic fundraising/development
  • advanced degree in the subject matter of the Stone-Campbell Movement
  • working knowledge of the Society’s mission and its place in the world
  • active membership in the Christian Church (Disciples Christ)
  • ability and desire to travel including some weekends.

Salary and benefits

This is currently expected to be a full-time position, but modifications may be made. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications, experience and skill set.

Interested persons should present a cover letter and resume electronically no later than June 30, 2017, to the Rev. Thaddaeus B. Allen who is the chair of the search committee. His address is thaddaeus1969@gmail.com.