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Celebrating a decade of Just Women magazine

Submitted by Disciples Women

“This is the first chapter of an exciting new journey…join us!” With these words, written by Sheila Spencer, then Program Director for Disciples Women, the first issue of Just Women Magazine was launched in January 2009. Intended as the official resource for Disciples Women’s Ministries, and designed to reflect the quality and diversity of Disciples women, the magazine’s goal was to encourage women to “embrace life as they face life.”

Over the past decade, the quarterly magazine has guided women to both embrace and face life as it has covered issues ranging from women’s work in the areas of human trafficking, poverty, and mass incarceration; discussed day-to-day concerns such as the use of social media, family faith formation, relationships, and grief; and reported on Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journeys to places like Mexico, China, and the Middle East.

Since 2014, the magazine’s annual Bible study issue has been written exclusively by Disciples women scholars, pastors, and leaders, providing a curriculum “by Disciples women for Disciples women.” During its tenth anniversary year, Just Women will feature a Bible study “Called for God’s purpose.”

During 2018, the magazine will continue to guide women to both embrace and face life, with topics such as sexuality and spirituality; women of justice, and children’s ministry. Order print or digital versions online. Don’t miss a single issue in 2018 – order by Dec. 1, 2017.

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