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Disciples Center staff settles in at temporary offices

(Indianapolis, Ind. – DNS – May 18, 2011) – Temporary office space for Disciples Center employees is working out well, as permanent offices two blocks away continue to be repaired following smoke damage at the building on April 5.

Employees were relocated from the 130 E. Washington Street location to nearby offices.  All offices in the temporary facility at 135 N. Pennsylvania Street are now fully operational and allow staff to carry out their ministry work on behalf of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

“Extensive remediation and maintenance work is taking place at the Disciples Center during our absence,” noted Rev. Todd Adams, Associate Vice-President in the Office of General Minister and President, who is coordinating many aspects of the repairs. “We are grateful that nearby space could be identified for us in such a short period of time. The building should be much improved when we return."

The repairs are the result of the early April fire that started when material ignited inside an encased interior air shaft, while repairs were being made to the building’s heating and air conditioning system.  The fire was quickly extinguished, but smoke damage to Disciples offices was in some cases extensive.

Cleaning and restoration at the Disciples Center is taking place on floors 9-12 where Disciples operations take place. Work areas are being treated with three different processes to neutralize the smoke odor.  Other work has included replacing ceiling tiles, cleaning carpets and washing walls, Adams said.  On the 10th floor, where smoke damage was more intense, walls are being sealed and painted and carpet is being replaced.

Building owners of the Disciples Center also are using the staff vacancy as an opportunity to catch up on routine maintenance.  Owners have repaired roofing and replaced fixtures, among other things. Some ministries also are updating parts their offices during this period, such as replacing carpet and repainting offices.

“There were a few glitches as part of the move, but during this entire period staff did what was needed to get the job done and keep our offices operational,” noted Jim Hamlett, president of the Pension Fund.  “We are thankful for everyone’s patience and prayers.”

Disciples have operated from the 130 E. Washington Street location for 16 years. It is expected that the remediation and maintenance work there should be completed in the next several weeks and all staff back in the Disciples Center by the end of July.