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Disciples invited to choose a date this fall to celebrate Global Ministries Sunday

Global Ministries Sunday is a celebration to help put a face on Disciples and United Church of Christ ministries of Critical Presence with partners around the globe. It is a special time to focus on global mission education in your congregation and to take steps to engage in God’s mission with Global Ministries. If your congregation hasn’t made the commitment to Be a Global Mission Church, Global Ministries Sunday is a great time to do so. You can find the Be a Global Mission Church resources and covenant statement here: globalministries.org/about-us/be-a-global-mission-church.html

Your Passport to Global Ministries, a new resource for individuals to document their personal journey in God’s global mission, is also available for this event here: globalministries.org/about-us/passport.html
To learn more about how to plan your Global Ministries Sunday, visit: globalministries.org/resources/special-days/gm-sunday/