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Easter offering supports living with dignity

Over 40 developmentally disabled adults and their support staff from Serra Center in Fremont, Calif., boarded one of the classic Hornblower Yachts for a brisk cruise around San Francisco Bay. The event marked the 14th annual excursion sponsored by Serra Center.

“It makes me feel like I’m a millionaire,” said one of this year’s participants. The cruise is available to disabled clients from Serra’s residential care facilities and others that are able to live in their own apartments because they receive support services from Serra Center. It is one of several special trips and excursions Serra Center makes possible for their clients.

“It is an example of the life skills training and instruction that Serra Center provides to help adults with developmental disabilities live the fullest, most independent lives available to them,” said Serra Center Executive Director Lisa Senadenos.

Serra Center provides services to approximately 135 disabled adults, some of whom require 24-hour support in one of the four Intermediate Care group homes it operates. Others are capable of a higher level of independent living and may only need assistance in a few areas.

“We want them all to have lives full of dignity and respect and to be able to make choices for themselves,” Senadenos said.

Stories like this are just part of what it means to create communities of compassion and care. To learn more about Serra Center and the other ministries of the National Benevolent Association, supported in part by your gifts to the Easter offering.