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Endowment receives a boost

by Rev. Dr. Patricia Donahoo, executive director, Disciples Women

2016dns-dw-curtin“I have been truly fortunate to have been born in Riverside, California, USA, with all the privileges of an American citizen, and the blessing of two wonderful parents.  My whole extended family, on both sides, were Christian Church people—what they called “Campbellites” as that time.  I was duly added to the Cradle Roll as a baby.  At the age of 9, I chose Pentecost as the day I made the good confession, so the Birthday of the Church has been my birth date as a Christian ever since.“  – Margaret Rea Curtin

Curtin was active in her home churches of First Christian Church Riverside during her childhood, First Christian Church North Hollywood for the years of raising her family and being heavily involved in church and as a co-organist, and First Christian Church Oceanside as both music director/organist/choir director and again devotion to the church.

“Because her family life was centered around her congregation, we wanted to make sure we honored that with a gift to the Disciples Women Endowment Fund,” said her daughter, Dana. “It was a deeply important part of her giving and receiving. We want to celebrate her life and ministry in this way so that her life’s passion might be reflected in the future by continuing to be a blessing to other women”

The Disciples Women’s Endowment Fund (DWEF) was established in 1990 to provide the opportunity to contribute to a permanent fund that benefits the work, both now and in the future, of women in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This fund allows women, both the donor and the recipient, the opportunity to make a tremendous difference in the shaping of the world to come through decisions they make today. Through this fund, new and creative ministries take shape breathing life into the visions and dreams of women who want to share the Good News through service, care and education. Named funds can be created to honor an individual or group through donating a minimum of $1,000. The funds are invested through the Christian Church Foundation to keep pace with inflation and produce a steady stream of income. Twice a year grants are awarded for interest earned on these funds to applicants based on guidelines provided here.

These funds support partial scholarships to participate in Woman-to-Woman Worldwide experiences (intensive/interactive training for women with global sisters), support of W2WW projects of global sisters, beginning of women’s ministry for racial/ethnic groups, ministry to and for young women, community gardens, planning and participation in Women’s Action Web events (intensive/interactive training for women in local communities), education and advocacy to fight human trafficking in communities and at events like the Super Bowl, scholarships for women to attend leadership training events (sometimes focused specifically on young women), clergy women projects, support for seminarians, life-skills training for women reentering society after incarceration, and many others. These projects provide opportunities for hands-on leadership training for the women who initiate and facilitate them as well as the blessing to the intended recipients.

Disciples Women celebrates the memory of those who have contributed to and/or been honored by contributions to the Disciples Women’s Endowment Fund.

2 Responses to “Endowment receives a boost”

  1. Mike Carlson:

    Margaret Curtin was a delightful person, with a faithful love for the church. She was an excellent organist at North Hollywood First Christian; in fact she played at my ordination. But the thing I most remember was her kind demeanor, and the way she remembered significant events in my life with cards: birthdays, the death of my dad, and new church staff positions. I am not surprised about her gift of a financial legacy to the Disciples Women Empowerment Fund.

  2. Emily Wheatley:

    Margaret Curtin’s life was a testimony to Jesus and an open book to the passion for and the compassion displayed in CC/DOC ministries around the world. As the current DWF President at First Christian Church of Oceanside, I am so excited her personal fingerprint on the whole church will be carried forward. We celebrate her life this Saturday, October 22nd with deep admiration for the loving touch she left on all of us. Blessings from Oceanside.