Disciples News Service

Peace in the midst of the storm

Submitted by Global Ministries

“This morning when I went out to the patio of my home I looked at an old familiar oak tree. I had never seen him so bare of leaves and branches. The winds of the hurricane left him like this. Before the hurricane, it was always green and its flowers were beautiful. When I was about to start crying, this nightingale came and stood on one of its branches, he sang to me as always, his song did not change in spite of the storm. He did not deny his singing and posed for a long time. Before the hurricane, I could only hear him singing hidden among the branches.  Today I could see it as it is. I remembered Job 42:5 “I heard you more by ear now my eyes see you.” – Rev. Justino Pérez, Villa Las Lomas, San Juan (CCDCPR).

The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria has impacted thousands of sisters and brothers across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and churches across the United States and Canada are seeking opportunities to help. Global Ministries, alongside Week of Compassion, the Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries, Disciples Church Extension Fund, the Pension Fund, and countless others are working with partners in Puerto Rico and across the life of the denomination to effectively and quickly provide aid where it is needed most.

There are many opportunities for you to walk in solidarity with our brothers and sisters as they start to rebuild – you can join next week’s webinar with Rev. Miguel A. Morales Castro, General Pastor of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Puerto Rico, for updates on the recovery efforts of the church; you can lift up Puerto Rico with a video meditation in worship; and you can hear the testimonies of God’s faithful servants in Puerto Rico.

Together we will find peace in the midst of the storm.