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Pension Fund announces change to health care plan

PensionFund Healthcare logo_croppedAs outlined in the news release issued from the June 17 Board of Trustees meeting, the Christian Church Health Care Benefit Trust (CCHCBT) will no longer offer health benefits plans (medical or dental) to our active employees and dependents under age 65, effective Jan. 1, 2017. This change doesn’t impact retirees who participate in our Medicare plans. If you’re an active member over age 65 and aren’t on Medicare, you’ll need to enroll in a Medicare plan.

CCHCBT has been discussing changes to our health benefits offerings through Churchwide Healthcare for more than two years. We carefully considered this change and explored many options. After much research, we came to the conclusion that in today’s health care market, the open market provides for more affordable and competitive plans than what CCHCBT will be able to offer.

We’re still committed to pointing employers and individual members to resources that aid in locating cost-effective and quality health care coverage options, and we hope you’ll join us for one of the upcoming calls to learn more. Topics will include:

• Background information regarding CCHCBT’s decision to make this change.
• Timetables to learn when you need to take action
• Where to go to research new health benefits coverage
• We will also reserve time to answer questions you might have

We’re confident this is the right choice for our current participants. Our goal is to continue to help you feel secure about your health and financial well-being so that you can do what you do best: Serve the church.


James P. Hamlett

Conference call/webinar information:
866.216.6835 (Access Code: 985734)

800.683.4564 (Access Code: 313482)

WEBINAR: June 24, 2 P.M. EST
(Contact communications@pensionfund.org to register; The number of webinar participants is limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis)

3 Responses to “Pension Fund announces change to health care plan”


    Unfortunately I won’t be available for the conference/web discussions. Can you direct me to a recommended place/site to search out new health benefits coverage? Is it true that I’m simply going to be locked into Obamacare? Then again, it’s Medicare for me at 65 (Nov ’17) anyway, correct? I do appreciate your situation, but I’m afraid my options are deeply restricted … though I’ll never give up my faith that God’s got this covered, and it’s my task to uncover how!

  2. Hi Rev. Dr. Knighton,

    The recordings for both calls and the webinar will be available on our website http://www.pensionfund.org/healthcarechanges by next Monday, June 27. I think the webinar particularly will be helpful to go back and review. We are working to provide more information and add resources to our website regularly so please check back. If you have specific questions not answered in the webinar recordings or on the website, you can always call at 866.495.7322 or email us at pfcc1@pensionfund.org

    • Merlyn M. Winters:

      I am interested in finding out more about this effort and will be willing to commit by Aug. 15. What do I do next?