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Book of essays in the works to honor Craddock

CraddockFredIn a forthcoming book being put together by André Resner and Mike Graves, a dozen scholars will honor the gifts of Rev. Dr. Fred Craddock in a collection of essays titled What’s Right with Preaching Today? In addition to the essays, the volume will feature a collection of personal remembrances, which we invite anyone (clergy or laity) to submit for consideration. These remembrances could recall a particular sermon you heard Fred preach, a personal encounter in the classroom or your church, the impact one of his books made on you, etc. It’s not necessary that you knew him personally, but that you express how his ministry touched you personally. Limited to 750 words, we would need these essays by March 30, 2017. Submissions should be emailed to mike.graves@spst.edu or by visiting his Facebook page and messaging him there: www.facebook.com/Dr.MikeGraves/