Disciples News Service

Election Night Prayer

From General Minister and President Sharon Watkins –

Please pray with me.

john-17_20-21aOh Creating and Sustaining God who stands with us, your beloved children –

The divisions of the recent U.S. election cycle have surfaced so many hurts, so much anger, so much tension. We confess our own strident words, our own suspicion, our own mean spirited thoughts. Forgive us, we pray. Walk with us now, so that division and rancor will not continue to stir among us.

We know that you, Jesus, prayed for us as well as with us. You prayed that your followers might come together in our diversity, might gather as ONE, might show the world how your love, your care, your compassion can change the world so that all might believe in you, all might know you as a God of love.

Give us renewed commitment to be and act as ONE, to love as ONE, to work for a world of wholeness for all your beloved children. In your name we pray, AMEN