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Associate General Minister Calls for Denominational Support of TCU Football

A Disciples-related university has one of the nation’s top-ranked football programs and is poised to play in a major post-season bowl.

Texas Christian University picked up a 45-10 win over the University of Wyoming on Saturday, making the undefeated Horned Frogs 11-0 for the season. TCU, located in Ft. Worth, Texas, is one of 14 colleges and universities related by covenant to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Currently TCU’s football team is the highest ranked non-BCS school in the 11-year history of the Bowl Championship Series. If it wins its final game later this week, TCU will play in a BCS bowl, perhaps for the national championship game.

Todd Adams, Associate General Minister and Vice President, is calling on Disciples to lift up TCU football and support the Horned Frogs. “This is a critical opportunity to demonstrate the partnership of the church and the school,” said Adams. “TCU needs to know that the church is celebrating with them. TCU has a long history of developing and nurturing faithful leaders for the church. We have a strong partnership. Partners celebrate one another’s success!”

TCU will find out what bowl it will play in as part of the annual bowl selection process on Sunday, December 6. The school has one more regular season game remaining against the University of New Mexico on Saturday, Nov. 28. A home victory against UNM will mean a perfect season for TCU.

General Minister and President Sharon Watkins, is on sabbatical but is taking a break to record messages of support for TCU that will be posted through YouTube and Facebook. Watkins, who admits her favorite movies are “feel good sports flicks,” is an avid football fan and looks forward to cheering on the Horned Frogs.

“I am supporting TCU Football and proud of them, as I would be of any Disciples school,” she said. “I believe it is important for the people in our pews and around the world to know that from a President’s Prayer Service to a local congregation, from the global mission field and Gulf Coast, and yes, even on the football field, we are part of the Disciples of Christ and we are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world!”

A video clip will be found on the Disciples website, www.disciples.org, and will be posted next week. Adams offered several suggestions of how congregations can celebrate TCU football in addition to playing the video clips on YouTube, Facebook and Disciples.org.

“Since December 6 will be a critical Sunday regarding TCU’s bowl placement, I think it would be great if everyone would wear TCU’s school colors of purple and white or pass out purple ribbons at church on Sunday morning." Adams went on to suggest that congregations could hold “a bowl game night”, broadcasting the bowl game at the church as an opportunity to fellowship and evangelize, recognize alumni of TCU or Brite Divinity School, and join social media groups supporting TCU Disciples football.

For more information about the TCU football schedule, visit: http://gofrogs.cstv.com