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Civil Rights Pilgrimage Involves Southeast Regional Fellowship And Brite Divinity School

The Southeast Regional Fellowship of the Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation Ministry joined a group of students from Brite Divinity School for their Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama March 16-19. Toni Craven and Susan Ward Diamond partnered to develop a perception-changing trip that explored the history of the Civil Rights movement through the lens of the biblical book of Amos.

The students visited major historical sights of the Civil Rights movement, such as the Rosa Parks Museum, Dexter King Memorial Baptist Church and Parsonage, and the Slavery Museum. To give life to the tours, the group had the privilege of listening to the stories of those who lived through the struggle. Their evenings were devoted to reflection time facilitated by several ministers and the Alabama-Northwest Florida Anti-Racism Pro-Reconciliation team.

For more information on this trip which is shaping the ministerial leaders of tomorrow, visit: www.serf-arpr.org/trips.html