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Jarvis alumni launch million dollar fundraising campaign

Jarvis Christian CollegeThe Jarvis Christian College National Alumni Association (JCCNA) has launched a campaign to raise $1 million in support of student scholarships and retention. Entitled the "Million Dollar Baby Campaign," the fund-raising initiative was begun under the theme "Imagining the possibilities, one learner at a time." The alumni association will use the money to benefit the JCCNA scholarship fund, retain freshman students and to assist new students to be successful in college.

The Jarvis Christian College National Alumni Association also is planning a new community-based website for alumni and visitors at www.Jarvisnationalalumni.org. Additionally, the JCCNA will be launching a separate website for the Million Dollar Baby Campaign www.jarvismilliondollarbaby.org to give potential supporters more information about the fundraising drive, including access to Jarvis video clips of alumni who describe their experiences at Jarvis. To learn more, contact Ronald Hay at 214-543-9511 or Ronald.hay@jarvisnationalalumni.org or Fred Hearns at 214-486-0980 or Fred.hearns@jarvisnationalalumni.org.